Tips For Moving Out Of Apartments In Rockville

Most apartments in Rockville, Maryland require you to pay a security deposit. If you are going to be moving soon and want to get your deposit back, it is important to follow all of the right steps. Below is a step-by-step guide to moving out that will help improve the chances of getting your full deposit back.

1. Make sure to give your landlord plenty of notice.

Don’t just pack up and leave without letting your landlord know ahead of time. Typically, your lease will contain information on how much notice you are required to give before moving out. Make sure to adhere to those guidelines. Otherwise, you could wind up losing your deposit.

2. Make sure that you don’t have any outstanding fees that need to be paid.

When you give your notice, ask your landlord to review your account to make sure that there are no balances remaining. Everything should be paid in full up until your move-out date.

3. Take everything with you when you go.

Don’t leave any furniture or other items behind in your apartment when you move out. After you leave, the space should look exactly the same as it did on the day that you moved in.

4. Deep clean the space.

The importance of thoroughly cleaning your entire apartment can’t be overstated. This is one area where attention to detail really pays. Typically, cleaning is easiest if you break it down on a room by room basis. In each room, start at the top and work your way down.

Begin by cleaning the light fixtures. From there move on to the windows and window coverings, the walls, and the baseboard trim, removing all signs of dirt, fingerprints, and debris. If necessary, repair any dents, holes, or scratches on the walls.

Clean out any closets, drawers, or cabinets, getting back into the furthest corners to make sure that they are sparkling clean. Finish up by cleaning the floors. For carpeting, start by thoroughly vacuuming. Then, follow up with a steam cleaner. For hard floors, sweep up any dirt or debris. Then scrub the floors meticulously by hand to remove all traces of grime.

In the kitchen, deep clean all of the appliances. This includes cleaning the drip pans under the burners on the stove, taking the drawers out of the fridge and giving them a good scrubbing, and making sure the freezer is defrosted. Make sure the area around the sink and faucet are totally clean, as well.

In the bathroom, scrub the shower, bathtub, sink, and toilet until they shine. The cleaner you can get the space, the better chance you have of getting your entire deposit back.

When you are done cleaning, snap some pictures of the apartment so that you have proof that you left it in better condition than when you moved in. The final step is to contact your landlord for an inspection.

As long as you stick with these tips, the process of moving out of apartments in Rockville should go as smoothly as possible.